Want to buy a print?
I'd love to sell you one!
To order please send me a message through the contact page with the photos and sizes you would like.
Choose from any of the photos with a caption and the size options are 8"x10", 5"x7", or 4"x6".
Printed onto HP photo paper on my HP Envy printer. Not "professional" quality, but I can assure you it looks great!
Message me with any questions you have!
Large $20 (8"x10") | Medium $15 (5"x7") | Small $10 (4"x6")
Shipping and Handling is $7 Per Order
Payment over Venmo, Cashapp, or Paypal.
Want to book me for a shoot?
I have done some shoots for others and I hope to get more practice!
Dating app photos? Pet or Family Portraits? Professional Photos? Event or Hobby Photos?
 I am still very much an amateur so I will negotiate a price that reflects that.
My editing style is quick and realistic, I do not want to or know how to do precise touch ups.
If you like what you see in my portrait work that is the quality you can expect!
I am flexible on what and where to shoot!
Send me a message through the contact page with your ideas!
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